Thursday, March 5, 2015

I can do hard things

I've been avoiding writing. Not because I don't want to but because I know it will take some time to sit down and do it and time is something I feel I haven't had much of. Since the holidays we have been in the throws of club volleyball and busy with all that comes with that. 

In February I had an awesome opportunity to present at a Scentsy corporate event.  I was terrified and felt totally inadequate for the job. I was asked to present in a breakout session for leadership. My topic was Recognize,Appreciate and Empower.
 In my presentation I changed the order of these words and shared that this is more than 3 words. It's a process. 
I shared what it meant to be aware and alert of the obstacles within your businesses and your team members. 
Empower by teaching and providing the tools, resources and examples.  Empowering with ABILITY! 
-Appreciate the value. Appreciating what it took to recognize those obstacles and empowering yourself or others with the ability to work thru it and grow. 

This opportunity taught me a lot about myself, the way I handle my business and those I'm involved within my business. It helped me grow and learn more about myself.  
I'm not a public speaker and I'm not good on a stage, but I'm grateful for this  opportunity and all it taught me. 
I also am blessed and grateful to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends who lift me up and believe in me. The day itself was amazing and as usual I always look forward to being surrounded by my Scentsy family 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thief of Joy

Do you ever have those moments? You know those picturesque moments, where it feels like every thing is going in your direction? That everything is "right"? Those are great moments, right? What better time to experience this than during the holiday season.  A time to truly reflect on the blessings of family and traditions. Unfortunately, I have this terrible "habit" where I cannot seem to live in the moment.  To truly sit back and enjoy it.  What is the saying? " Comparison is the thief of joy"  It is true. I recently came across a quote that seemed to ring even more true.
And in this day of social media overload, it's hard to remember that everyone is putting their best faces forward. They post happy moments and joyous memorable moments. Some people call that lying. I personally enjoy it. I would much rather see your happy moments thru the "rose colored glasses" of social media than to see the rants and ravings of negativity. I am guilty in the highest degree. I refuse to post my down moments and my hardships for the world to judge and  point. I get enough judgments from posting the good that I do have. 
I am trying to live more in the moment. I am choosing my battles. 
Am I perfect? Is my marriage? Are my children? Well, heavens no!
We are perfectly imperfect. We are not perfect people, but I truly believe we are perfect for one another. 
We have had another good year. A fun holiday season. We are healthy for the most part and live a "normal dysfunctional" life. 
Here's to another perfectly imperfect year. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I learned from sitting the bench

I started pre-athletics in the 7th grade with all my friends. I loved volleyball from the get go. I never started and never was on the A team. I played basketball as well but didn't excel in either to any great degree. Just being able to practice and occasionally play was enough for me. Later in high school it was the same. Never got much playing time -- but it didn't matter. I loved the game that much. I loved cheering my teammates on. Or so that is what I told myself right?

To be quite honest, I was always a little relieved to not be put in the game situation for fear I would screw up and make a mistake. 
I've had the opportunity off and on through the years to join in a volleyball game here and there- for some reason now I have a little more confidence out there. PUT ME IN COACH! I got this. What is so ironic to me, especially since Jaici is now playing volleyball and has a passion for this sport too, I am hearing the things the coaches said to us for years coming out of my mouth! Lol! I understand what they were trying to teach us and even better WHY they were coaching certain drills. 
I remember one certain drill our coach lovingly called "character builders". You had to get a hand on the ball no matter what! 
Anyways, you are  probably wondering where all this came from- I was thinking about the successes I've had as an adult and those successes were when I pushed the fear to the side (it's always there) and just met the challenge head on   If I had only had that mind set as a teen on the court. 
I was comparing a lot of these things to my Scentsy story. I've been blessed to enjoy success and growth. But with success also comes the down times and the complacent times. I've let fear creep back in. I'm sitting the bench again. Hey coach PUT ME BACK IN! As much as I love to see everyone grow and succeed . I want to continue to grow and achieve with them!  It takes courage-- but thank goodness I've got amazing team mates who encourage me and instill the bravery in me when I think I have none left. 
 Am I still afraid of failure? Of course! 
But I won't let that fear keep me on the sidelines this time. I am good enough, smart enough and BRAVE enough to do more and BE MORE!

Being a part of a team - no matter the amount of play time- has definitely helped shape me into the leader I strive to be each day. I truly believe that each person on the team plays a vital role. I'm grateful for the time on the bench, but I no longer want to sit by and watch - 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sing together..

I had a generic post typed up, recapping our last 2 weeks.  Which included, my birthday, trunk or treat and halloween. Volleyball, soccer and fantastic cool weather. But, my drive to school this morning trumps it all.
I randomly asked them what their favorite Christmas songs were. We each took a turn singing each others songs. It was quite fun. Then it turned into which hymns they liked best and of course which primary songs we all liked best. I sang them several that they hadn't heard in a while, and they taught me a few that I hadn't learned.
They loved that we were singing Christmas songs and church songs all together. I told them I think from now on, that is what we will do in the morning. I mean really, how can your day start off bad when you have been singing uplifting songs in the car with your tone-deaf mother? We laughed and it was just what this mama needed on this Monday morning.

I love that these little" pieces of my heart" know just what to say and do to keep their mama's spirits up.  They aren't perfect, but they know first hand that I'm not perfect either. I'm truly grateful for their GIANT hearts that keep the "childlike wonder" alive for me and them both. It's nice to step away from the norm of our daily schedule and try a new approach. I'm grateful they love me in spite of all my faults. I'm truly grateful for this beautiful Monday morning and our drive to school.

And for those interested in our dress-up acts from this past week, I've included a few photos. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pieces of me..

I realized that I took the time to write what I thought was a fantastic post-- only to realize it got lost somewhere and never posted. 
So here we go again- the past two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Chasing my babies all over the place for all 4 of their activities,juggling being a mom and wife and successful business owner-- well it ain't easy and I'm one of those who will go until I collapse! Thank goodness for my husband and his calm heart and mind who keep our chaos- somewhat organized.  He is present where I can't be and makes me feel ok about it- 

The biggest thing we have had going on recently would be our towns Yamboree! Yup! And the Wickless Wonder Woman and I pulled off another fantastic setup and highly successful event.
All the while my husband got kids to the parades and the square where they could ride the rides and make memories with their friends 
We also chaperoned the Queen's ball which our teenager attended.  Late nights and early mornings- but we managed. 

Yamboree by far is one of our family's favorite adventures of the year. It kicks off our fall fun! It was a great week of weather and fun and friends. We are always sad to see it leave- pieces of it packed up and loaded onto trucks before we even wake up Sunday morning. But we always have next year to look forward to. 
I love the memories we get to make and the exhaustion is totally worth it all. This family carries a piece of me with each of them- not sure they realize that each one carries a piece of my heart with them. Grateful for our crazy life and the happiness they bring me.. This my friends -- this is how we roll. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Try a little harder...

I don't even know where to start... the past two days have been challenging to say the least.
I don't do well with confrontation and I've had to face it head on, not to mention the struggles of being a mom of a teenager.  I feel exhausted and helpless. I feel beat down and weary.  I am hyper aware of my weaknesses. My strengths.. not so much.  A few people decided to let me know just how weak I really am. Constructive criticism, right? Then why can't I just let it roll off my back? I take things too personally. I am a people pleaser, which can be great, and debilitating at the same time. I hate knowing someone is unhappy because of me, but in the same breath, my actions deserve to defended and heard. Oh well, this tale is time to be over. It's neither here nor there now. The teenager issues, well I am going to have to continue to pray and listen and love and listen and love and listen and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY some more. It's so hard to want something for your kids and I can see the benefits he can reap by my advice, but he can't see the bigger picture! Imagine that?! I pray for comfort for his little heart and stubborn mind. To open his eyes and see the love of his parents and Heavenly Father and that we only want what is best for him.
Until next time....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Roll with the punches

The Wickless Wonder Woman and I had our fair share of set backs this past weekend at a local fair. We had our Scentsy set up and we were dealt a sticky hand. We overcame each obstacles with class and tact. We shared our hearts, our passions and our Scentsy Spirit. Not one person that stopped by left with a disgruntled word or negative thing to say. It was a lot of hard work. A lot more hard work than either one of us had anticipated, but we were blessed by this sweet community and invited to come back next year as well. We could've given up or left each day early- but we knew in our hearts it would be a success because we believe in what we do. 
We rolled with the punches-