Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pieces of me..

I realized that I took the time to write what I thought was a fantastic post-- only to realize it got lost somewhere and never posted. 
So here we go again- the past two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Chasing my babies all over the place for all 4 of their activities,juggling being a mom and wife and successful business owner-- well it ain't easy and I'm one of those who will go until I collapse! Thank goodness for my husband and his calm heart and mind who keep our chaos- somewhat organized.  He is present where I can't be and makes me feel ok about it- 

The biggest thing we have had going on recently would be our towns Yamboree! Yup! And the Wickless Wonder Woman and I pulled off another fantastic setup and highly successful event.
All the while my husband got kids to the parades and the square where they could ride the rides and make memories with their friends 
We also chaperoned the Queen's ball which our teenager attended.  Late nights and early mornings- but we managed. 

Yamboree by far is one of our family's favorite adventures of the year. It kicks off our fall fun! It was a great week of weather and fun and friends. We are always sad to see it leave- pieces of it packed up and loaded onto trucks before we even wake up Sunday morning. But we always have next year to look forward to. 
I love the memories we get to make and the exhaustion is totally worth it all. This family carries a piece of me with each of them- not sure they realize that each one carries a piece of my heart with them. Grateful for our crazy life and the happiness they bring me.. This my friends -- this is how we roll. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Try a little harder...

I don't even know where to start... the past two days have been challenging to say the least.
I don't do well with confrontation and I've had to face it head on, not to mention the struggles of being a mom of a teenager.  I feel exhausted and helpless. I feel beat down and weary.  I am hyper aware of my weaknesses. My strengths.. not so much.  A few people decided to let me know just how weak I really am. Constructive criticism, right? Then why can't I just let it roll off my back? I take things too personally. I am a people pleaser, which can be great, and debilitating at the same time. I hate knowing someone is unhappy because of me, but in the same breath, my actions deserve to defended and heard. Oh well, this tale is time to be over. It's neither here nor there now. The teenager issues, well I am going to have to continue to pray and listen and love and listen and love and listen and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY some more. It's so hard to want something for your kids and I can see the benefits he can reap by my advice, but he can't see the bigger picture! Imagine that?! I pray for comfort for his little heart and stubborn mind. To open his eyes and see the love of his parents and Heavenly Father and that we only want what is best for him.
Until next time....