Thursday, July 31, 2008


So..I felt ambitious and spontaneous last week and decided to take my kiddos to Arizona to see thier cousins. what a long drive! We had alot of fun~The Miners opened thier home and never thought twice about having 5 extra people in their home...4 which were kids ages 9 and under!!!Added to the fact that Kelli and Josh went and bought a Wii and Rockband while we were there.....major bonus for the Pilcher family! Jaici immediatly connected with her girl cousins and would've been perfectly content staying in Arizona to take care of Candi's little girl Catherine....and the boys loved being together. Jud and Bentley had a bawl doing big kid stuff and Van and Jake took to each other immediatly. Jarom bullied anyone who would let him...all in all the trip was fantastic and wish it could've lasted longer! Thanks Josh and Kelli for opening your home to us crazy Pilcher's...great memories were made! I must add that Kelli and I took turns making yummy desserts every night and hers were quite yummy...she topped me everytime..I am going to miss dessert time....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Corry and Celia got married this past weekend and we decided to go up a few days ahead to have a mini vacation. We visited Hurricane Harbor on Thursday(which was so much fun..but I didn't feel like toting the camera all day for that). That night we went to Speed Zone and played lots of arcade games and drove go cart race cars! Then on Friday we swam at the hotel and went to dinner. That night we went to a fireworks show in Frisco...that ended pretty crazy. To make a long story short..we had car trouble in the middle of their Freedom Fest. Thousands and thousands of people walked past us and didn't offer any help!! Thank goodness we were traveling in 2 cars so we did have help...but it was after midnight before we got to the hotel! That's the way it goes! We had a ball! I will post pictures of the wedding later!