Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thief of Joy

Do you ever have those moments? You know those picturesque moments, where it feels like every thing is going in your direction? That everything is "right"? Those are great moments, right? What better time to experience this than during the holiday season.  A time to truly reflect on the blessings of family and traditions. Unfortunately, I have this terrible "habit" where I cannot seem to live in the moment.  To truly sit back and enjoy it.  What is the saying? " Comparison is the thief of joy"  It is true. I recently came across a quote that seemed to ring even more true.
And in this day of social media overload, it's hard to remember that everyone is putting their best faces forward. They post happy moments and joyous memorable moments. Some people call that lying. I personally enjoy it. I would much rather see your happy moments thru the "rose colored glasses" of social media than to see the rants and ravings of negativity. I am guilty in the highest degree. I refuse to post my down moments and my hardships for the world to judge and  point. I get enough judgments from posting the good that I do have. 
I am trying to live more in the moment. I am choosing my battles. 
Am I perfect? Is my marriage? Are my children? Well, heavens no!
We are perfectly imperfect. We are not perfect people, but I truly believe we are perfect for one another. 
We have had another good year. A fun holiday season. We are healthy for the most part and live a "normal dysfunctional" life. 
Here's to another perfectly imperfect year.