Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Roll with the punches

The Wickless Wonder Woman and I had our fair share of set backs this past weekend at a local fair. We had our Scentsy set up and we were dealt a sticky hand. We overcame each obstacles with class and tact. We shared our hearts, our passions and our Scentsy Spirit. Not one person that stopped by left with a disgruntled word or negative thing to say. It was a lot of hard work. A lot more hard work than either one of us had anticipated, but we were blessed by this sweet community and invited to come back next year as well. We could've given up or left each day early- but we knew in our hearts it would be a success because we believe in what we do. 
We rolled with the punches- 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get comfortable being uncomfortable...

I shared this with my group several months back, and felt inspired to share here today. 

The majority of y'all I have never personally met. The majority of y'all I have never even spoken to. BUT I can make a promise to each of you, that I look at each of your names each month. I am truly grateful and honored to have each one of you in my group. That being said, I am sharing these thoughts with each one of y'all because I feel the need to brag on some folks who do quite a bit to help ensure that you succeed too. 
Leadership is a bittersweet role. With each success comes more responsibility. I never in all my days dreamt that I would be in a "leadership role" . Before Scentsy, I was a follower and on most days, I still follow. I am not a natural leader. I am not the one who steps up and asks for responsibliity. I have always lacked the confidence and drive to take on larger tasks. I did and unfortunately still do compare myself to what other leaders are doing. That being said.... when I found Scentsy, I found a passion inside of me that I never knew existed and something within me changed. I say "when I found Scentsy" but in all honesty it didn't come to me overnight or even in a few days. It took almost a year for me. If it hadn't been for the constant and genuine guidance of my leaders, I am sure I would have given up that first year. I know that not everyone feels as passionately about this opportunity as I do, and that is fine, but several of you do and I know that even more of you will find this within yourselves as well. 
When I finally "opened my eyes" to what was in front of me, I changed.I felt this was something I could do-and share, because I believe in it, I believe in the leaders, the products and I believe in the future of The Scentsy Family.  I have grown and become a better person because of my Scentsy journey. On this journey, I have met and been inspired by so many amazing people. I am proud to call them friends and co-workers. I know it is because of so many of these people that I have continued to stay and grow within the Scentsy Family. 
I am just one person, therefore it is impossible for me to guide each one of you personally on your Scentsy journey. That being said, I must brag on all the leaders in my group. Once you sponsor your first recruit, you become a leader. You train and share all you can to help this person start their business on the right track. Some haven't gotten the leadership they have needed when they signed up, some have gotten above and beyond help. I am aware and realize that not every situation is rainbows and butterflies with happy endings, some are contentious and hard work. I am not writing this to say everyone and everything always goes perfectly on the straight and narrow path, but I am writing this to remind you that each of us have several responsibilities. I wasn't always able to do Scentsy full time and still have to make sure I find a healthy balance between work, family and other responsibilities within my life. 
I want to THANK each of you who are committed to your businesses. Thank you to each of you who have stepped out of your comfort zone. Thank you to each of you who have welcomed new members to our group. Thank you to each of you have helped other consultants whether you benefited from them or not. Thank you to those who see the positive happening, even when it seems negativity is spiraling all around. Thank you to each of you who have helped those who may not have help. Thank you to each of you who "own it" and don't point fingers and blame others for their lack of success.Thank you to each of you who have helped inspire me. Thank you to each of you who have emailed me to reach out for help. When I help each of y'all it is a growing experience for both of us. 
Someone once told me, " if you aren't putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, then you aren't growing"  I am very uncomfortable in a leadership role, but I have grown more and become more because I refuse to give up on myself and all of you. I know this company can lead us and guide us and carry us into the future for a long, long time. I am building more for my future and my children's future by working my business TODAY.  
"Life is not about right now... it's about what is to come"  I am not sure if this is an actual Orville Thompson quote or if he read that somewhere else, but he shared that on a call recently and it never rang more true to me than it does now.  Remember to thank those that have helped you. Remember to be patient with those that haven't.  
Leaders come in all shapes, sizes with all different kinds of personalities. I am grateful for the ones that have been placed in my path. You all inspire me and remind me of what I am doing and why I am doing it. This is a whole lot more than wax and warmers people, IT IS A FAMILY!

love you all!

Monday, September 22, 2014

You matter

See I have these amazing, inspiring friends who share their words and buoy me up. They help me to be better. They help me be brave. 
Today I had a day where I didn't feel good enough- and I don't share this with you so that you will feel sorry for me- I share it because it's the truth. 
I had a no good, rotten day! Until an afternoon with a friend that takes my good, bad and ugly and makes me laugh at it.  A text from my sister-in-law with the photo below.  A random phone call from my childhood friend. Not to mention a chat with my newest Scentsy recruit in Australia.

Followed up by a FaceTime phone call from another favorite friend who lives across the U.S. 

Purging.. That's what this feels like and I like it. It's not always pretty, but it's part of me and who I am. Heavenly Father knows me and knew my needs today and He saw that I received these gentle reminders - I didn't realize how many I had until I started writing this post. We all need the reminder that each of us do matter! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

See what happened was...

It's kind of comical actually. I was so overwhelmed and stressed, so I gave up on the blog-  It wasn't necassary so I nixed it from my mind. But lately, my mind feels cluttered and I have felt like opening it up and putting it out there. To free up some space in my over active mind.  

I've had some pretty big changes in my life since the last post. I doubt I will ever put those things out for the universe to read, but I am hoping to be able to put my feelings and thoughts out there. I want to share what I've learned and what I've gained from some of these struggles.

My grammar will not be correct nor will it be pretty. It will be just me- real and simple and authentic. No sugar coating. 

I like simplicity. So here's to a braver,bolder me- 
Here goes nuthin'