Monday, February 27, 2012


In no particular order....
Jarom loses his first tooth

Jud marches in the band 

Jake turns 8 and is baptized

Ran another half marathon with my friends!

Christmas eve at Nanny's house

Christmas at the PIlcher home

Jud's tumor right before surgery

and after... he has healed quite well

First day of school's me again...

I've been so busy since forever that I have made another empty promise of documenting what us crazy Pilcher's have been up to! We have been living it up in the best way possible. Enjoying our kids and each other as much as possible. We went to Florida last summer with Scentsy to Disneyworld which was Magical in every since of the word. Kids started school- which marked two "biggies" for me. My oldest started Jr. HIgh and my baby started Kindergarten. It was touch and go for a while but I seem to be ok now. We had a fabulous holiday season and the kids got everything and more they "needed" or wanted! Denny and I spend a wonderful week in Mexico for Scentsy Leadership training. Jake got baptized and we had company right after that for 2 straight weeks! We loved having the Dodd family with us! Denny and I also got to go to Boise and attend another Scentsy meeting and a chance meeting with Mitt Romney! Very cool!! Going in my favorites for sure! My sister and her husband Nathan have welcomed their first little bundle of joy! Jaeley Paige! How i love this little girl already!! Hope I can be what Gigi has always been for my babies! I know this was all in fast forward but I wanted to just catch up. I will try to do a few more posts with new pictures of all these adventures!!