Monday, March 29, 2010

A wonderful way to start Spring....

Our spring break was 2 weeks ago..and every year we return to the park that we went to as kids...Eastman Park. This year they had cleaned up the park some, added new was great!The weather was beyond perfect and all the cousins had a ball! Thank goodness our Bonnie had her camera! Wonderful memories were captured!
Jake and Jarom really didn't remember much from visiting the park in the they had more fun than Bonnie captured Jarom in his "soft shoes" or his "slipper"..I love how you can see his feet marks on the bottom!
Even us big girls had fun swinging!
This past week was Denny's 35th birthday and then yesterday was Judson's 11th! How my little man has grown! He tests my patience everyday..but that boy is the one that changed my life..instantly from a kid to a a mom! How I love him!

Remember when life was just about pretty days and calling the swings first..swinging as high as you could and seeing who was brave enough to swing the highest and jump out??!! I love being a helps me be a kid longer..and my kids actually think I'm cool...well at least right now they do..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guilty pleasures..

I've decided to share a few of mine.

1. Going back to bed after kids are off to school...makes me feel guilty..but good at the same time.
2. Diet Coke!! Enough said.
3. This one is a little harder to put in writing..but it's the truth...FACEBOOK! What started out as re-connecting with friends..has turned into a wonderful way to also meet new friends! I love it! It doesn't hurt that I have gotten a lot of Scentsy business from FACEBBOOK either.

4. Sweets! Treats! and even more Eats!!

While none of these are life threatening (well I guess #4 could be) I feel sometimes the guilitest pleasures are what we look forward to the most..even if we really regret them afterwards. I wouldn't change it! It's just a small part of what makes me...ME!