Monday, November 3, 2014

Sing together..

I had a generic post typed up, recapping our last 2 weeks.  Which included, my birthday, trunk or treat and halloween. Volleyball, soccer and fantastic cool weather. But, my drive to school this morning trumps it all.
I randomly asked them what their favorite Christmas songs were. We each took a turn singing each others songs. It was quite fun. Then it turned into which hymns they liked best and of course which primary songs we all liked best. I sang them several that they hadn't heard in a while, and they taught me a few that I hadn't learned.
They loved that we were singing Christmas songs and church songs all together. I told them I think from now on, that is what we will do in the morning. I mean really, how can your day start off bad when you have been singing uplifting songs in the car with your tone-deaf mother? We laughed and it was just what this mama needed on this Monday morning.

I love that these little" pieces of my heart" know just what to say and do to keep their mama's spirits up.  They aren't perfect, but they know first hand that I'm not perfect either. I'm truly grateful for their GIANT hearts that keep the "childlike wonder" alive for me and them both. It's nice to step away from the norm of our daily schedule and try a new approach. I'm grateful they love me in spite of all my faults. I'm truly grateful for this beautiful Monday morning and our drive to school.

And for those interested in our dress-up acts from this past week, I've included a few photos. 

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