Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I learned from sitting the bench

I started pre-athletics in the 7th grade with all my friends. I loved volleyball from the get go. I never started and never was on the A team. I played basketball as well but didn't excel in either to any great degree. Just being able to practice and occasionally play was enough for me. Later in high school it was the same. Never got much playing time -- but it didn't matter. I loved the game that much. I loved cheering my teammates on. Or so that is what I told myself right?

To be quite honest, I was always a little relieved to not be put in the game situation for fear I would screw up and make a mistake. 
I've had the opportunity off and on through the years to join in a volleyball game here and there- for some reason now I have a little more confidence out there. PUT ME IN COACH! I got this. What is so ironic to me, especially since Jaici is now playing volleyball and has a passion for this sport too, I am hearing the things the coaches said to us for years coming out of my mouth! Lol! I understand what they were trying to teach us and even better WHY they were coaching certain drills. 
I remember one certain drill our coach lovingly called "character builders". You had to get a hand on the ball no matter what! 
Anyways, you are  probably wondering where all this came from- I was thinking about the successes I've had as an adult and those successes were when I pushed the fear to the side (it's always there) and just met the challenge head on   If I had only had that mind set as a teen on the court. 
I was comparing a lot of these things to my Scentsy story. I've been blessed to enjoy success and growth. But with success also comes the down times and the complacent times. I've let fear creep back in. I'm sitting the bench again. Hey coach PUT ME BACK IN! As much as I love to see everyone grow and succeed . I want to continue to grow and achieve with them!  It takes courage-- but thank goodness I've got amazing team mates who encourage me and instill the bravery in me when I think I have none left. 
 Am I still afraid of failure? Of course! 
But I won't let that fear keep me on the sidelines this time. I am good enough, smart enough and BRAVE enough to do more and BE MORE!

Being a part of a team - no matter the amount of play time- has definitely helped shape me into the leader I strive to be each day. I truly believe that each person on the team plays a vital role. I'm grateful for the time on the bench, but I no longer want to sit by and watch - 

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